Thursday, March 7, 2013

Christmas With a Capital C Movie Review

Originally posted 10/14/12.
Wow! I guess we didn't have to pay 10 bucks each to go see a good movie about defending Christ in Christmas!

Here in our house we celebrate fall and the festive spirit it ushers in incredibly early. After the first couple of days of wet weather (I never thought I would celebrate that:0)) here, the festive atmosphere has kicked into full gear. I am currently sweating through my t-shirt typing next to the first fire of the season, we have been talking about the latest Christmas album by Stevy Chapman, and we watched a Christmas movie tonight. I know.... we're crazy.
Anyway, the movie was called "Christmas with a Capital C", and the whole family immensely enjoyed it. We watched it off Netflix (yes we caved in), so if you have Netflix you can watch it there.

The synopsis;
This Christian family film follows the residents of Trapper Falls, Alaska, as they try to mount their annual Christmas celebration despite the interference of a Scrooge-like lawyer who objects to the town's public displays of Christianity.
Right off the bat I thought, "oh, a replica of "Last Ounce of Courage", but I was wrong. Oh, it’s similar, but it takes a turn for the better. It goes deeper than "LOOC"; it shows how a Christian should really defend their rights. We don't have to get in a shout-out with our local liberal neighbor across the road, in fact we should not do that; we need to model Christ! What did Jesus do? When His chosen people were looking for a strong political leader, He humbled Himself instead, coming to Earth as a baby! Imagine that! Instead of leading His people in a "holy" war to free them from the Romans, He sacrificially served the world for His whole life and freed the WORLD in an entirely different way.

Here me out. instead of shouting your rights down the throats of the frustrating people who trample on them, why not serve them instead? That doesn't mean in any way that we roll over and wave the white flag as we become minions of the government, but what if we approached our rights a different way? What if the liberal person you had a discussion with didn't walk away from you muttering "what a hypocrite", but instead was left wondering what made your faith unique?

That is what this movie is about. It has a great message, it stands for truth, it will make you laugh, and it will get you in the Christmas spirit!
So, whenever you "normal" people start getting into the festive spirit of the upcoming season, watch this movie! Go to any lengths to watch it! I guarantee you will enjoy it! I mean seriously, how many times can you watch "It's A Wonderful Life" in October before it gets boring:0)!

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