Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Couple takeaways from the 10th annual Christian Heritage Homeschool Conference

Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts on here recently. I have been really busy (and sick :0/)! My family and I had the privilege of attending the Christian Heritage Conference in Redmond this weekend, and it is always an amazing time of growth in our convictions and fellowship with like-minded brothers and sisters in Christ! I can't remember a time when I have taken more away from the conference than this time; it was that good! I have shared a few of my takeaways below, mostly because for me, writing my thoughts down helps me solidify them in my mind. ;0)
  First off, I have to break down my takeaways into two categories: My faith, and the practical "doing" of my faith. For my faith, it was great to hear Vodie Baucham's last key note that basically asked and answered the question, Where is God in suffering? His answer made sense. His answer was Biblical. And his answer really strengthened my faith. God is with us and hears us when we are going through hard times; how dare we think that just because our prayers our not answered right away and in the way we want that God is somehow distant? It is when we realize that God is in control and has a perfect plan for us and the world that we can find peace in suffering, knowing that our Lord is using the hard things in life to strengthen us in Him! It was also great to hear Mr. Baucham talk about what the Gospel really is and what it means to our lives as Christians in an earlier session. The Good News is relevant for far more than salvation; it is applicable (and indeed needed) for every day of our Christian lives! It is our hope!

For the practical "doing" of my faith, I was incredibly blessed and convicted by Daniel Craig's session "Do Something". I've really struggled with applying myself wholeheartedly to the little things in life. It's easy to get caught up in the lie that those "big" opportunities come out of nowhere and all you have to do is sort of sit back and wait around for them. In reality, it is only when we diligently apply ourselves to what God has put before us in the here and now--chores, work for the family, that low-paying job, school--that more opportunities will come. As a young man who is struggling to find out exactly what the Lord wants me to do with my life (and a young man that has had daydreams of that will just zamming him out of nowhere so it will be abundantly clear), the simple message “be faithful with the little things” was something I needed to hear. We are privileged to be ambassadors for Christ no matter where we go in life; let’s make the most of our calling!

A close second in this category was Curtis Browers session on practical advice for running any business. It helped me realize that I’ve let myself get away from my original commitment with my business to use it to serve and bless my customers. I’ve let myself lately become so task-oriented and, honestly, money oriented, that I really have not been blessing many of my customers. Mr. Browers shared how we need to apply the second greatest commandment—love your neighbor as yourself—just as much to our businesses as anything else, and that is so true! It’s part of our witness as Christians and our service to the Lord, and He will bless us for it.

Lastly, Mr. Champs session for young man on purity got right to the heart of the struggles we young men (and older men too) face to keep ourselves pure in a sex-obsessed world.  Radical steps are needed if we want to have victory in this area; young men, let’s take them!

As far as highlights go, it was a great privilege and honor to talk with Douglas Bond during one of the sessions. I love his writings, but I was even more impressed in meeting the man behind the stories. He caught me up on his recent projects (including a book on C. S. Lewis that sounds awesome and the progress of the film adaption of Duncan’s War!), and hey, he even signed the book I bought. ;0)

And of course, a main highlight was catching up with all you friends! It was great seeing you all again! For those of you blog followers who attended the conference, how did God use this conference to speak to you? What main things did you takeaway from the conference?


  1. Thank you so much for this post Kyle. It was very encouraging to read. The session on practical advice for running a business sounds very good. I'm going to have to see if we can get the recording of that.

  2. Thanks Elanee! We've got that cd if you can't get it elsewhere!