Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I'm alive!

Yes, it's true! I'm not dead, in case you were wondering--just "mostly dead" as Miracle Max would put it. ;0) Haha, life has been incredibly busy, but it has been good--except for this nagging cold I've been fighting for the last week, which has made my voice rather hoarse and close to unintelligible over the phone I'm sure--but I digress. I just have not had time to keep up this blog, so I thought I would patch together a quick post to catch up anyone who is interested with what has been going on with me in the last few weeks. ;0)

First of all, Hershey the Cub Cadet mower is sold! She sold a few days after I posted her on Craigslist, which was a big blessing!

Secondly, I got my new trailer!!! I outgrew my little 4x8 "wagon" really quickly, so this past offseason I have been on the hunt for a new trailer. I could not find something that would fit my needs off of Craigslist, so I eventually found a good deal on a new, custom made 6x12 cargo trailer at a dealership in Chehalis. After waiting for a few weeks for it to be built down in Texas, I was able to pick it up last Thursday!

It matches the trim on my truck quite nicely!

The inside. I put a couple coats of Deckover on the floor to protect it against any water my mowers might track in. I will post a picture soon of all the stuff I have done to customize the inside!

I am really looking forward to using my new mowers this season!

 My zero turn mower!

A 36" walk behind. It's an adventure mowing with this beast. ;0)

Kyle's Clipper has really been picking up steam. I am mowing all but a few of my lawns from last year this week (though I have been mowing some lawns since the middle of February!), and I have already (most likely) picked up 6 new lawns this mowing season! Praise the Lord for His blessings!

I am also officially a Limited Liability Corporation now. Oh the joy of being on the state's radar and paying taxes!

-_- Moving on . . .

I am still working part time with the tree service. The plan was to end work there the beginning of this month, but due to a delay with my replacement, my boss has really wanted me to stay on for a couple more weeks. I don't mind the extra work, but yeah, I've been super busy as a result. ;0) It's been a good job though. I've learned a lot!

Oh, and on top of all that, I am considering a 4 month missions trip this coming winter. I know, I am terrible with details! One of these days I will put together a more complete post on how the Lord has been leading my heart to pursue a missions internship, but suffice to say for now, I really feel led to consider if the Lord might have me serve cross-culturally!

So yes, please pray for me! Specifically that my head will somehow stay upon my shoulders during this busy season so that I can stay only "mostly dead". ;0)


  1. Congrats!! You got the lawn mower you wanted.

  2. Your new trailer looks awesome! And taxes. Bleh. >.< You know the IRS: They've got what it takes to take what you've got!

  3. Thanks, Aimee! Yes, it's been great! How's life in the desert?

    Thanks, Bethany! I'm really pleased with it. My equipment fits in it like a glove! A tight glove. :0P Haha, that would be really funny except for the fact that it's really true! X0)

  4. Hi Kyle. Its been interesting! The weather has been very nice Oregon summer right now, (seeing how its supposed to be spring) but we'll see what we think of second summer! O.o. Church has been good, seeing old friends and making new ones has been a joy, and its a blessing not to have to drive forty five minutes for a grocery store! ;) All that said, I miss Oregon a lot. How have the Bowes been?? Seems like every time I check Google + you guys are having more baby goats!

  5. We're good! Enjoying the adventures life brings and especially the awesome weather lately! And not to mention the baby goats. ;0)