Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Today's the day!

I feel so much . . . older! Now that I have finally bridged that nearly "meaningless" gap between 16 and 18, just imagine all the possibilities!!! I can register my truck in my name; I can buy stuff off those super cool TV ads; I can get a membership to COSTCO!!!; I can, I can try cigarettes and if I remember correctly .  . . chewing tobacco!  Woot woot!

Haha, not.

Moving on . . . When I finally get thrown in the slammer for my deeds against the law, I will get to go to the "big house!"--whatever that means. I get to have an "officially official" driver's license. I can vote! (next year) -_-

Life is good!

What is more awesome, I get to live another year with my awesome family! God has blessed me in so many ways just by letting me live with this awesome family, not to mention Him adopting me as His beloved son!

Think about that. The God of the Universe chose me, the one who murdered His one and only Son, to not only be pardoned from my death sentence, but to live with all the privileges of a child of the King. What's more, God loves me more than I can fathom! The status of "child" He has given me is more than just a title; it is an everlasting relationship!

And . . . GUESS WHAT! No matter what my age, I never have to move out of God's household. ;0)



  1. Happy birthday Kyle! I couldn't help but laugh at this. :) It was a pleasure to enjoy another manifestation of God's family with you guys last weekend. Have a good birthday!

  2. Happy happy birthday Kyle! I hope you had a wonderful day! May God bless you this year, and help you to continue to glorify Him continually! Psalm 37:23-25

  3. Happy Birthday, Kyle! :D I hope you had a wonderful day! It has been great getting to know you and your family... you all are so special!

    FTW: I've never been to COSTCO. :P