Monday, September 15, 2014

Birthday Baseball Bash!

 On Saturday, a bunch of friends graced us with their presence for my annual Birthday Baseball Bash! Which was--put mildly--EPIC!!!!! Thank you to all the families who attended this year!

Yes, I color-coded the teams again!
Team Black
(and a couple runaway Team Red members attempting to photobomb) 

Team Red
(With a couple members of Team Black showing everyone how to really photobomb)
Team Red started off the game batting! Meanwhile, we winners on Team Black got to showcase our excellent defense! Okay, so maybe that was overstating things, but hey, we kept Team Red from scoring in the first!
We managed to get speedy lead-off hitter T. Bow to ground out to our pitcher, Mr. Smythe, to start the game!

Mr. J. launched one in the first . . .
 . . . But yours truly was ready. ;0)
Team Black got off to a good start, scoring a couple of runs in the first! (Nice batter's stance, Shortstop!!!)
A run crosses home!

Haha, I can't think of a caption to do this funny picture justice. :0P Nice work, Jordan S.! And I think you did really well at batting, Elanee S.!
 And I think these two pictures explain themselves just fine as well. ;0)

And some more pictures of the epic baseball game:

Joshua B., you were supposed to drop that ball! :0P JK You do owe me a home run though . . . ;0)

 It appears Mr. L. might have had a mighty hit here from the direction everyone is looking. Either that or a pop up. Hard to tell. :0P

Nice catch, Mr. S! (and nice decision to head back to first, Eden S.) ;0)

This little dude scampering to first packed quite a punch! He went two for two! ;0)
An awesome crowd cheering us on!
After a great game, Team Black pulled out on top with a 12 to 10 win over Team Red!
We found some time to play volleyball before the baseball game . . . at least, all of us but Jordan. S. He appears to be staring at the volleyball with an expression on his face that seems to says, "Hey look--coolio!--a volleyball!!! Is it okay to touch it???" :0P (Hey bro, your shirt said to "come at you". What else am I to do?!) :0P
Then again, Yours Truly is standing with his hands on his hips for this one . . .  People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, correct? (There is also the fact that little Joshua J. seems to be walking nonchalantly right into the danger zone) ;0) 

We also got a couple rounds of Dynamite in after baseball! (A big thank you to some friends who showed us how to play this game a couple months ago! We have in turn shared it with a bunch of our friends, all of whom have really liked it!)
I would like to think the crowd was swarming around for no other reason than to wish me a happy birthday . . .

But understandably, I think a few got a little distracted by this heavenly-awesomeness-otherwise-known-as-a-Costco-cake before me. . .

Can't remember what we were laughing at, but I'm guessing it was hilarious enough that I could not catch my breath for the next picture . . . ;0)


It was a most memorable day! :0)


  1. Thanks for posting pictures, Kyle! We really enjoyed looking at them... that was a super fun day! :D

    Honestly, the Black Team's picture was the most epic. And we won too!

    Yeah, and I think the position of shortstop works out okay for me. ;)

  2. Thanks for having us out, Kyle! I had such an awesome time! Happy birthday!

    You know, that volleyball picture... I believe I was moving it with my invisible force..... :P ;)

  3. What a great post Kyle, and what a great celebration to enjoy with friends. Thanks for having us over. We enjoyed it emensely, and know I know why I've always liked baseball SO much:) thanks for giving us a first chance to play the game:)