Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Love you

Little siblings. They can be the most annoying things on Earth sometimes. They leave messes on your bedroom floor, can literally drive you crazy during long car trips, and last but not least, find pleasant ways to greet you after a long day of work--with water balloons.

Sometimes it is easier just to shut them out. Ignore them. Tell them to get out of your room, go play outside, or in general, just do something that is not as loud and disrupting to your very busy day. Why do these little people shadow you all the time anyway??? Why are they constantly bothering you with offers to play Snakes and Ladders or read them that pointless, really lame Dr. Seuss book (for the umpteenth time)?

Perhaps it is because they love you.

Oftentimes, I am that big brother in the movie. This whole summer I have focused on my work and business, and my little brothers have been left starving for some "big bro time." It's worse then that. Instead of laughing with them as I shake the water off me from their latest water balloon attack, I am so much quicker to snap at them and respond in anger.
When I was that little annoying boy at the age of six, I didn't have a big brother to shadow constantly. Instead, I found this teenager in our church named Shawn. Shawn was in his mid teens; he obviously had much better things to do than "hang out" with a little bespectacled squirt that would not shut up about the Arizona Diamondbacks. But yet, Shawn took the time to be my pal. We "played" baseball (It was very generous of him not to play to his full potential) ;0) and did all kind of cool stuff together!
I will never forget Shawn and the huge impact he had on my life. He is the kind of big brother I want to be. I fail so often with my little brothers, but I really do desire to be more than just an "ok" big brother. I would encourage all my followers to carefully evaluate your relationships with younger siblings. God has given us the unique opportunity to help mold young siblings into the adults they will be one day. Are we willing to fulfill this role, loving and caring for our little siblings and leading them to grow in Christ?


  1. That video made me cry the first time I watched it. :)

  2. Haha, I'm allergic to it every single time. ;0)