Monday, August 25, 2014


Thou cannot knoweth the trepidation I feel at being in these shadow-filled halls again . . . Tis strange really, for what have I to fear?

Oh. Right. Cavities.

Thou must ignore my overuse of periods in the last paragraph . . . My capricious American nature must have clouded the pure dialect that flows from the likes of Shakespeare. But I have again heard the words that bring joy to my heart and qualms the fears of my soul . . . "No cavities!"

Now all that is left is to escape this shadow-filled place . . . how I crave the warmth of the sun on my skin . . . the freedom to lose myself in the vibrant pull of summer . . . away from fear and shadow (and painful teeth scraping).

So, my dearest comrades of the no cavities club, hold fast! Hope is not lost--it has sprung up anew! Let us raise our voices together, "to no cavities!"



  1. I agree!!!! Here's to a cavity free future:)

  2. So Kyle.... are you saying you desperately need dental work????? JK

  3. Glad to hear that you've been brushing your teeth! :) And here's to a no cavity future.

  4. Thankfully, I have never had a cavity. :)

    But maybe that's just because I take care of my teeth. :P

    (I can't stand going to the dentist!)