Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Guess what! I got nominated for something!

No, Melvin Zwick, this isn't about your Zwicky award (though that has its rightful place in the ranks of awesomeness). You see, I was nominated by Elanee S. for the Liebster Award!
What's this? You have never heard of the Liebster Award? ( Why does it matter? It's an award, and that's good enough for me. :0P) But anywho, here are the official rules of said award:

Acknowledge the blog that nominated you. 
Answer the 11 questions the nominating blogger created. 
List 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers that deserve some recognition. 
Write 11 questions for them to answer. 
Notify them that they have been nominated.
Alrighty, so here are the questions Elanee of wrote for us to answer:
1. What's your favorite book of the Bible and why? 
I would have to go with the book of John. It gives an amazing picture of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ--His love and compassion, His mission, why He came, who He is, how He lived His life on Earth as fully human and fully God. A close second would go to the book of Proverbs for its practical wisdom to young men like me. I read it almost every day!
2. What person has made the most impact on your life so far? 
My dad, hands down! (though a big thank you to my mom for being my dad's better half) ;0)
3. What do you hope to do for a living? 
Simple. Write.  Okay, so that's not simple. I love to write, but right now, it looks like lawn care might be the occupation that "brings home the bacon." Good thing I love owning my own lawn care business as well. :0)
4. What is the quality you most admire in your best friend? 
Hmm, my best friend is hilarious, but I think he would slug me in the arm if I said I admired that . . . On a serious note, I don't think I have ever seen my best friend angry . . . even when I pushed him into a patch of blackberry bushes the first time I met him! (True story, BTW)
5. What do you look forward to most in the future? 
I am really looking forward to the next few years . . . working hard to make a living, buying my first property, building my first house (some might call it a shack, probably, but whatever) ;0), hopefully courting the girl of my dreams--and marrying her. Basically, I think becoming a man is going to be awesome!
6. If life was to end right now, how would your family remember you? 
Hopefully not as the tall, dark, frowning figure stooped over a computer trying to find witty things to type in answer to these questions. ;0) My mom says she would remember me as that easy going lad with a ridiculous grin on his face who never let anything bother him. And also a bunch of other stuff that was really cool to hear her say. Unfortunately, I know me better than a lot of what she said . . . so I won't repeat all of it.
7. What do you do each day to make a difference for the future? 
For my personal future, I am working hard with that good ole lawn care business I mentioned so I can get on with that manhood thing I also mentioned. But that is only secondary to my main goal in life--glorifying the God of the Universe by serving Him
8. What's your favorite sport and why? 
Oh, this question came at a really bad time!!! You see, up until the first of this year "baseball" would have been out of my mouth before I had even finished reading the question . . . but now, the great American sport would also be tied with Ultimate Frisbee, and also a new family favorite, volleyball.
9. How many Bible verses have you memorized? 
Not enough.
10. What do you hope to accomplish before you die?
I only hope to be faithful to my Lord Jesus Christ in everything I do till He calls me home.
11. When was the last time you prayed?
About fifteen minutes ago. (We're all praying for you, Grammie!!!)

The people I nominate are:
And um, that's about it, I guess. Hey, I got half way!
Here are the highly-intelligent, next-to-impossible-to-answer questions I have come up with for you to answer:
1. What is your favorite memory you have of yourself when you were less than ten years old?
2. If someone had to describe you in one single word, what do you think that word would be?
3. It's perfectly sunny outside and you have the whole day to yourself. What will you be doing?
4. If you could meet one person from the Bible--other than the Big Man Himself of course--who would that someone be?
5. What is your favorite season of the year?
6. You are in Wal-Mart with ten bucks of spending money in your pocket. What will you buy?
7. What is your favorite pastime?
8. If you could be transported to some time in history, what time would that be?
9. Care to share something you have done that was really embarrassing/awkward?
10. What goals do you have for the future?
11. What is the best decision you think you have ever made at this point in your life?
Okay, so I probably should have thought of some much deeper questions to ask like Elanee, but my brain is almost completely fried and it is way past my bedtime. :0P Goodnight!


  1. Great answers Kyle:) I guess I didn't realize how hard some of those questions were to answer:) I like the questions you wrote as well. Makes me want to be tagged again just to answer them:)

  2. I enjoyed reading that....
    Ok, so per your request, here are the answers to your questions. ;)
    1. When I was like 2 or 3 and my cousin dared me to swim over to my mom without my floaties. I did it and shocked my mom. It was the first time I swam on my own! :P
    2. I don't think I can be described in one word...............!
    3. Ooooo!!!!! Doing something active, social, and crazy... ;) Oh, and if it's sunny, water would be involved!
    4. For girls, I'd love to meet Esther and Jaal. For guys, probably Paul and Matthias...
    5. Summer.
    6. Walmart?! I don't like walmart. ;) It would all depend on what was there for $10. ;)
    7. Talking and laughing with my amazing family and friends.
    8. Hmmm..... probably.... 1940's.
    9. Hey, if I told all my awesomely awkward stories, it would ruin the sales of my upcoming book....... ;)
    10. A lot. Ask me in person.;)
    11. Becoming a follower of Christ Jesus. :D

    There. Were those good answers? :P Great questions! :)

  3. HHHMMM, very good, Eden! Yes, they were--even though you only half answered half of the questions. :0P If you look neither left or right at the people shopping with you in Wal-Mart, it can be a fine place to get stuff cheap! Just sayin' . . . ;0) You're writing a book??? Ha, I knew you would see the light and become a writer eventually! Boom! :0P

    1. *face palm* No, I am not writing a book. You missed the joke. (Did it go over your head?? ;) haha)

      I still don't shop at Wal-Mart. Boom. :P (That's another thing you can ask my mom about! :P haha)