Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pray for me this week!!!

  I think I am officially in over my head! This Saturday I will be taking the SAT, a requirement from my "school administrator" to be officially graduated. :0) Looking forward to it! (um, not the SAT, that is, but graduating) I have lately learned what it means to "cram" for a test!

Also, my lawn business has really taken off the last few weeks, and I am starting to feel like it might be a viable option to get myself self-sufficient . . . not just as a good way to make a little extra money! ;0) I thought I would try and find a part-time apprenticeship job this summer, but if my business keeps growing, I won't have time to do anything else!

Please pray that I will be given an extra amount of strength this week as I try to balance all my new lawn work between hours of study. Pray that I will be able to retain what I have learned and that I will not be too nervous this week thinking about the test. Also pray that the test will go well, for though my family believes that the amount of a person's knowledge should not be limited to just a simple SAT test, it would definitely still be a plus to get a good score on it! :0)

Also, pray for my family this week as we seem to have caught a stomach sickness of some sort! I got to play doctor for Joe-Joe this morning, as he woke up saying that his stomach really hurt. After making the necessary precautions (grabbing a rather large-sized bowl) ;0), I asked, "So like, do you think you are just really hungry?"

Okay, come on, it was the only thing I could think of. What else are big brothers for?

Also, Victoria came down with the sickness last night. As my dad just said, "The family that shares their food together, barfs together." Oh, yeah, profound. Please pray that Joe-Joe and Victoria would heal quickly from this sickness and that no one else will get it!

Thank you!


  1. I'll keep your family in prayer for health and wisdom.
    May God give you the strength to live for His glory every day!

  2. Oh dear! I'm so sorry to hear that some of you are getting sick! I'll be praying. You'll do fine on your test... just think clearly and quickly, do your best, and leave it up to the Lord!

  3. Praying for you guys! :)

    I must say...... your dad's quote made me laugh! :P

  4. Will do, Kyle! Tell Victoria and Joe-Joe we hope they get better quickly!!

  5. I'll be praying for you. :) We are in the same boat - my mom is sick and I am taking the SAT this week as well. Maybe I'll see you there.

  6. Thanks for your prayers and support, Strang sisters! Keep praying, because Caroline and Valerie have joined the ranks of the sick as well. :0(

    Kari, thanks! Praying for your mom to get better soon! Are you taking the SAT at Centralia high school Saturday? That's where I'm taking it at!

  7. Yes, and so is my friend Jenna. :) Great!
    Thanks for your prayers!
    Blessings on you and your family,

  8. Officially in over your head? Great!!! That is a good place to be . . . as you trust wholly in the Lord's strength and ability to do what He has called you to do, even when it seems insurmountable. You know that little saying, "God will not give you more than you can handle?" Ha! I think sometimes He does just that, so that as we walk humbly with Him and abide in Him for everything, the more His grace and glory may be seen!

    And to quote one of our favorite wise, Grandpa song writers . . .

    "I’m diving in, I’m going deep in over
    my head, I want to be
    Caught in the rush, lost in the flow,
    in over my head, I want to go
    The river’s deep, the river’s wide,
    the river’s water is alive
    So sink or swim, I’m diving in

    There is a supernatural power
    In this might river’s flow
    It can bring the dead to life
    And it can fill an empty soul
    And give a heart the only thing
    Worth living and worth dying for, yeah
    But we will never know the awesome power
    Of the grace of God
    Until we let ourselves get swept away
    Into this holy flood
    So if you’ll take my hand
    We’ll close our eyes and count to three
    And take the leap of faith
    Come on let’s go!"

    God will be with you, and you know I'll be praying for you!
    Love you so much!
    P.S. If you end up sick on the day of the test, and if you don't get the score you were hoping for, at least you can blame it on the fact that you were throwing up! ;- )

  9. Kari: Haha, wow! Best of luck on the test!

    Mommy, Thank you so much! I am so grateful that I can dive into this new season of my life with the most wonderful mother in the world right by my side! I love you so very much!

  10. To Mr. Dark, Tall, And Handsome, and I know you are very smart also. I will be praying for you too.
    Much love, Meemom

  11. Nice to see you at the test, when dropping off Kari. Glad to have a smiling face there. Trust you all did just fine. Now you get to enjoy your summer and leave the results to the Lord. :)
    Mrs. Johnson (Kari's Mom)

  12. Thank you, Mrs. Johnson! It was nice to see a couple people I knew there at the test center! It made the nervous minutes before the test pass that much quicker! :0)