Monday, May 26, 2014

There be giants--and their names are Kyle!

Yes, it is true! It is always so much when my best friend, also named Kyle, comes up for a visit! Believe it or not, he is my same age, height, eye color, hair color--it's almost like God ran out of creative ideas when he made us and just decided to copy a Kyle. I refuse to give out who is older, but at least I am the quadruplet Kyle!!! ;0)
Yep, there we are. Oh yeah, and also Timmy is there to give you an accurate perception of our height. LOL!
We basically contend every little detail of ourselves! You see, someone started calling the other one Kyle #2, so there has been a fierce argument every since over who is Kyle #1. In the end, the tallest one of us is always named #1 . . .

Yes, the measuring process is always very strict. No shoes. No tippy-toes--the other Kyle even had a problem with me wearing socks!!! As you can see from the picture below, I am clearly taller, but after a lengthy discussion, the judges at hand declared the white-shirted Kyle to be a little taller. -_- So . . . after reigning for two years as the #1 Kyle, I am now back to being second-rate, I guess.

We Kyles have done so many crazy things together! From our epic wars against the spiny underbrush of our forest, to running (AKA fleeing) in front of a 300 pound (bloodthirsty) ram! Oh, and also going swimming at 7:30PM in the rain and cold!!!--Awesome stuff like that. ;0)
Oh, and did I mention that (cough, cough) Kyle #1 is also quite the artist?
It's about the only thing he is better at than me!!! Okay, so not quite.


  1. Ha ha! :D

    That is your swimming "pool"? Okay... so we need to really help you out... ;)

    As I recall, you wouldn't take a dip in the freezing waters of the ocean in October. ;)

  2. Bethany: No. I refuse any help from you Strangs! I don't trust you guys (except *possibly* Shiloh). :0P JK And BTW, I have all but gotten Jordan to concede that my swimming pool is better!!!

  3. Oh my goodness! That's too amazing that you have the same name and height and hair color etc....what are the odds to that happening:) I've only recently met someon with the same exact birthday/ year as me, and I doubt I'll ever meet someone with the same name as me:) anyhow, I realy like your swimming "hole" too:) that's brave to swim in the cold and rain. I don't think I would have done that:)

  4. Elanee: I know, right? It was so funny, because I met Kyle's dad first, and when I introduced myself and told him my name, he got the strangest look on his face and asked me how old I was. When I told him, he just started laughing. ;0)

    Brave? Some would probably call swimming in the lake in the cold and rain something else, but thanks anyway! :0P

  5. Oh seriously! Jordan did not say your "bathtub" was better! :P

    A pool wins... every time. :)

  6. Bethany, if my lake is a bathtub, what does that make your itsy-bitsy pool? The little puddle of water outside the bathtub, perhaps? :0P

    I win.

  7. Seriously. You can not make me think that your murky-thing-that-looks-like-road-runoff (and who knows what is in road runoff!) is a lake! And you have the audacity to call a 25m pool a puddle (you know, they have events in the Olympics where they use that size of pool...)? You need help. Serious help.

    And it's okay if you don't agree with me; I can't force you to be right!



    Yes, my swimming hole IS a lake. I win. Again.


  9. No. You don't win. Not until we Strangs and Bowes have a swim meet! :P

    You can have your "Wiki Approved Lake". Doesn't this look so much more inviting:

    Yeah, it does. I'm glad we agree on that! ;)

  10. Is that the pool you swim at Bethany?

  11. No, that isn't our pool... but that is the same length. Ours is shaped like a big L because it has Meters on one side and Yards on the other (swimming yards is a bit further than swimming meters, but it isn't a huge difference). I couldn't find a picture of that!