Saturday, March 8, 2014

March Muddy Madness Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

Recently, I have really enjoyed playing Ultimate Frisbee with some friends out in Centralia, so when I learned that the annual March Muddy Madness Frisbee tournament was coming up, I was so excited! Today, around 80 homeschool kids converged on a place outside of Winlock to play in the tournament, including me, my sister Valerie, some church friends, some homeschool friends, some Frisbee pals, and even a good number of people I hadn't met yet (but quickly got to know)! It was so much fun!

Of course, the tournament lived up to its name here in Washing-ton. It absolutely poured .  . . for all six hours of the tournament. After the first game, I was completely soaked, and by the second, water was literally running down my face! It was crazy. Thank goodness I brought a change of clothes! :0)

Yeah, as you can see, I got pretty wet/muddy. There was a competition for the muddiest player, believe it or not, but I eventually decided I would rather change into my dry clothes than try to win the contest. :0)

There were a total of 12 teams. My team (team green, see my bandana) was pretty decent, though we had a couple of smaller kids on the team. We won our first two games 6-1 and 6-4, but then we lost to the yellow team (Valerie's team) 7-2, nocking us out of the competition (it became a common joke among my friends that I was beat by my sister). ;0)  I took some comfort in the fact that the only team to beat mine was the team that eventually took second place. Yes, Valerie (who, FTR, I barely convinced to play) ended up playing in the championship game! Way to go, sis! As she said after it was all over, "Well, I made you proud!"

To which I responded, "Or jealous." ;0)

The following pics are from our first game against team brown (our 6-1 win!)

It got pretty intense sometimes!

The white-shirted dude is a good friend from church. Though he would probably beg to differ, it looks like I just batted down a pass intended for him in this pic. He done got nothin' on me! (quite a bit of smack was exchanged during the course of the game, of course) ;0)
Being tall is awesome

And here's some pics of Valerie (you can tell that it was really pouring during this game!)

She did really good!

Though this would definitely be considered a short pass, hey, Valerie was accurate! (well, hopefully)
In this picture is what we call "floaters": where the Frisbee gets some air and about five or six players gather under it, waiting for it to come down. As you can guess, I love floaters (due to being 6'5"). ;0)

We were so wet!
As with trap shooting from last year, I have really gotten into Ultimate Frisbee! It is officially my new hobby. ;0) It is really fun having a constructive avenue for my competitive spirit to roam free. I have been playing pretty consistently the last few months and plan to continue as time permits. It is going to be hard waiting for the next tournament! ;0)
P.S. Make sure to set your clocks back tonight! Goodnight!


  1. It doesn't surprise me that you guys won, Kyle... Tallness is a great thing! I'm just about 6' which makes me good for swimming butterfly, but you totally beat me on the Frisbee thing!

  2. Vallerie,
    I'm totally impressed! Esp. that you even threw the frisbee (in these games I usually run back and forth the entire game)!

    1. Hi Shiloh,
      Thank you! Like Kyle mentioned in his post it took quite a bit of convincing to get me to play. (I did have fun!!) And most often I look just like you described while playing. :) I think Kyle just went out of his way to capture one of the few times I threw the frisbee in a picture. ;)


  3. Jordan: Well, how are you at jumping? If you could jump about five inches higher than I can, you might have a chance! :0P Also, a lot of Ultimate Frisbee has to do with how you read the Frisbee and where you position your body to catch/block it. If you can separate yourself from your defender enough, height doesn't matter at all!

  4. Here's the problem Kyle.... if I jump 5 inches, I'll still be beneath your head!!! 0_0 jk

  5. Haha! No, by jumping a "mere" five inches, you will be at an even height with me!

    (with me standing flatfooted, that is) :0P

  6. Wow. That looks like a really fun game and a very unique challenge to brave the rain and cold. When I was looking at the pictures I kept thinking... Only homeschoolers would do go out in the mud and rain on purpose and call it fun:) great job BTW Valerie. I have to say ( confidentially) that I actually don't like Ultimate Frisbee. I would much rather play the same rules with a football. So I have to say you're both amazing for playing for 6 hours, and doing so well. I'm impressed:)

  7. Elanee: We are rather crazy, huh? Oh the stuff we do in our free time, like playing outside in the pouring rain trying to throw/catch a flying disk! Better than playing video games, at least . . .

    What do you have against Ultimate Frisbee? It's awesome! :0) (and it's at least just as hard to throw a football!)

  8. That looks like so much fun! We actually just got back from a frisbee game with some friends too!

    This past Sunday looked a lot like your game; except we were playing volleyball instead! :D And then some (un-named) crazy people dunked in the creek (I was not one of them...).

    We should definitely play either Volleyball or Frisbee when you all come over on Saturday!

  9. Haha, and it looks like Saturday is going to be sunny, so we won't get drenched!!! (unless some crazy people wanted to go dunk in the creek, that is) ;0) We should totally play Frisbee, so we Boweses don't completely humiliate ourselves trying to play volleyball again. ;0) Or maybe we could get in a game of both! Cya Saturday!

  10. Replies
    1. Hi! Unfortunately, I was unable to attend this year. :0( :0(