Thursday, February 13, 2014

Russ Miller Answers Bill Nye

Hi, everyone! So, how many of you watched the debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye last week? How many of you came away after watching with the feeling that Ken Ham could have done a better job answering Mr. Nye's supposed claims? Well, thanks to Russ Miller, the founder and leader of Creation, Evolution, and Science Ministries (, we now have logical, scientific answers to the most prevalent of Bill Nye's arguments!

Below is the article taken from a radio interview Russ Miller recorded with John Loeffer, host of the "Steel-on-Steel" program ( I hope you are as blessed with reading this as I was!
 Russ Miller Answers Bill Nye
1] Nye said snow cylinders show 680,000 layers, suggesting each represents an annual cycle. (The fact is that the ratio of Ox-18 isotopes to Ox-16 isotopes in the ice is higher during warm periods; lower during cool periods. By measuring these ratios uniformitarian scientists assume each layer represents a winter followed by a summer and count the layers as representing one year of time). However, the observable fact is that many layers can form in a matter of days or weeks. Snow storm deposits can leave behind multiple layers, as can wind-blown snow dunes. Warm & cold cycles during the spring can create numerous layers as can mild summertime temperatures.
2] Nye claimed Bristlecone pines are known to be up to 9,550 years old. This is based on the cumulative results of tree ring dating the tree (dendrochronology) and what’s assumed to be fragments of its relatives whom they believe lived one after the other. However, it has been proven that many of these lived at the same time. Add to this mistaken dating technique that they carbon-dated the tree’s root system. I’ve seen reports of carbon dating blunders that included living penguins being aged at 7,000 years old & living snails coming in at 27,000 years old. The erroneous ages attained via carbon-dating and tree ring dating is legendary, yet by combining them together secularists come up with an age of 9,550 years for the tree. This age is nothing more than a non-scientific wild guess.
3] Nye asked, if a great flood caused Grand Canyon why don’t we have Grand Canyon’s everywhere? Well, first, if the earth is billions of years old & rivers carve huge canyons over millions of years of time why don’t we have Grand Canyon’s everywhere? The answer to both questions is that the GC formed due to a unique set of circumstances. As the mountains arose & ocean basins collapsed toward the end of the year-long flood, the Kaibab Upwarp formed where the Colorado Plateau was lifted 4,000 feet above the surrounding plain. Then the last of the flood waters created a channeling event that carved thru the Upwarp forming Grand Canyon in a matter of days.
4] Nye said Grand Canyon strata layers are stratified, indicating this was proof they formed over long ages of time rather than quickly during a global flood. Nye’s mistaken assumption is based on the faulty theory of uniformity, that present rates of sediment accumulation show that strata accumulation takes a long time to occur and he compounds his error by denying there was a global flood. Interestingly, in fact amazingly, the fact that scoffers will arise in the last days claiming that processes today have always been the same while denying there was a global flood is foretold in 2 Peter 3:3-6. The observable fact is that the layers seen at Grand Canyon are sedimentary layers laid down by water, interspersed with an occasional lava flow. All the sedimentary layers contain marine fossils and there are no ‘time gaps” between the layers. All this fits perfectly with what we’d expect to find following a worldwide flood.
5] Nye: You never ever find a higher animal mixed in with a lower one. However, many examples refute this. In China, a fossilized fish was found low in the Cambrian layer where Darwinists claim only single cell creatures existed. This fish had communist, atheist scientists calling American scientists “closed minded bigots” for not considering we might have been created. The lead Chinese researcher observed: “In China we can criticize Darwin but not our government; in America you can criticize your government but not Darwin.” A fact that needs to be changed as real science is a Believers true friend.
6] Nye: If the water suddenly drained away wouldn’t we expect to see some turbulence? And if you could find just one example of that anywhere in the world you would be a hero to scientists. Well, Grand Canyon is missing 900 cubic miles of sediments, and that’s one big hole in the ground! But how about a turbulence event that removed more than a mile deep layer of strata from above today’s rim of the Grand Canyon? In fact the event removed ~130,000 cubic miles of sediments without leaving any evidence of where the missing sediments went? Geologically, this area of turbulence is called the Grand Staircase. Toward the end of the global flood, flood waters rushing off the land mass removed the sediments from today’s southwestern United States, leaving behind the Grand Staircase which includes Zion & Bryce Canyon National Parks.
7] Nye pointed out enormous rocks are found on the top layers around the Lake Missoula area in WA and asked, how could the rocks be there is there was a flood 4,000 years ago? Well, such large boulders are common in areas that experienced glacial activity. They’re called ‘erratics.’ The fountains of the deep had erupted with scalding thermal waters for the first 150 days of the global flood, heating the seas. It’s estimated the flood waters averaged ~90 F. This led to massive evaporation and cloud cover which pounded snow onto the poles, forming the ice caps. Glaciers quickly formed and carried large boulders with them. As the glaciers later retreated they deposited the erratics on the surface where they’re seen today.
8] Nye correctly observed we find there are billions of stars in the heavens. Then he asked how did light get here in 6,000 years? The end times prophecy found in 2 Peter 3 also tells us scoffers will deny God made the heavens mature, and Nye provides a case in point here. The fact is scientists in labs have been able to bring light to a dead stop then release it; other researchers have sped light impulses to 300 times the speed of light. I think if man can alter the speed of light so can the Creator of that light. Also, at a time when only 1,500 stars could be seen with the human eye, God compared the numbers of stars in the heavens to the numbers of grains of sand on the beaches. Today, with powerful telescopes, real science finds that the numbers of stars in the heavens to the numbers of grains of sand on the beaches. And God’s Word is true, word for word and cover to cover.
9] Nye stated that when those in the scientific community find an idea that’s not tenable, that doesn’t work, they throw it away. Well, get out your trash can because a review of Darwinism vs real science reveals:
Law of Biogenesis holds Darwinism never began; The First & Second Laws of Thermodynamics make materialistic evolutionism a scientific impossibility; Mathematical probability shows Darwinism NEVER could have occurred; The fossil record shows no transitional forms; There are no transitional creatures living today; Gene Depletion + Natural Selection = Zero Darwinism.
10] Nye claimed what keeps the USA ahead is to embrace natural science (meaning ‘billions of years’ leading to Darwinism). FACTS: In 1962 America’s public schools rated in the top 10% worldwide in science, math & overall education. Then, in 1963, we removed prayer & creation & began teaching kids they evolved without God. Today, America’s schools rank in the bottom 20%. The Bible Word warns us to avoid false science and today we’re reaping the fruit for not doing so.
11] The Law of Entropy: Nye invoked the open-system argument to get around this scientific principle; claiming the Law of Entropy doesn’t apply to our solar system as it receives lots of raw energy from the sun (which leads me to ask how did we discover it since we receive so much sunlight?). In reality, raw energy speeds up entropy unless directed by complex genetic information contained in DNA. Ask yourself, if you leave a bike outside for 5 years will the sun’s raw energy make it better or cause paint to fade & plastic to crack? The fact is that thinking raw energy prevents entropy is like thinking if you pour gas on top of your car and flick on a match it will improve your gas mileage!
12] Nye presented Tiktaalik as a link between fish & amphibians. When appropriately presented on April Fools Day of 2006 the NY Times wrote it’s “a fish exhibiting changes that anticipate the beginnings of wrists, elbows & shoulders…” Really? So how does a fish exhibit “changes that anticipate the beginnings” of such astounding random chance mutations that turn a fish into an amphibian?  FACT: both living & fossilized lobe-finned fish have bones just like Tiktaalick; with zero evolutionary changes!
Russ says, My question is this: why don’t Darwinists present the real evidence for their belief?  Fact: they don’t have any as Gene Depletion + Natural Selection make Darwinism a scientific impossibility.
--This article was originally published on the Creation Ministries website at this link:
Good stuff, huh? I hope this wets your appetite, for we are currently working with Russ Miller to schedule speaking events, and even a climb of Mt. St. Helens (!!!), for him in our area on August 30th-September 7th! More details this summer!


  1. Isn't it amazing what they are willing to believe? It's like they hate God so much that they are willing to believe absolute nonsense.

    We'll keep an eye for the Mt. St. Helen's event. Your mom told me about it awhile back. Maybe my family can come. :)

  2. Thank you for posting this, Kyle. A group from Kari's school attended a live-stream of the debate at a local church. Can we share your blog site with her classmates, so they can have these answers too?
    Mrs. Johnson

  3. Shiloh: You are so right! Unfortunately, Evolutionists are a prime example of Rom. 1:18-22, which concludes with: "Professing to be wise, they became fools." I am so thankful for people like Mr. Ham and Mr. Miller for exposing Evolution for what it really is!

    Mrs. Johnson: Yes, for sure!

  4. Thank you for posting this Kyle. I liked what Mr. Miller had to say, and it seemed to agree with what Kevin Swanson said on his radio program. Evan and I were listening to it yesterday. Here's the link if you want to hear it.
    Keep us posted about the Mt St. Helen's event. It sounds interesting!

  5. Thanks for the comment and link, Elanee! I'll be sure to keep y'all posted about St. Helens!