Sunday, November 17, 2013

We're not crazy

It is almost Thanksgiving, and everybody knows that the weekend following that holiday is for setting up Christmas lights. We are just a little . . . early.

Okay, so I had these set up a week ago and we watched our first Christmas movie this week (sound of "It's Christmas time again" playing in background) . . . but we're totally normal people. We just LOVE Christmas (hysterical giggles).

Strangely, my mom vehemently protested this post and made me promise that I wouldn't ask you all if you thought we were crazy. I don't know why. Her argument was that we were just setting up the lights early to test them out, as they were bought new this year. I did some research on my old blog and found that we had our Christmas lights set up by Nov. 16 last year.

So much for that argument.

Since I can't ask you if you think we are crazy, I would like to dedicate the comment section below to defending our "ambitious" Christmas spirit. Who can give me a good, perhaps even logical, defense for celebrating Christmas in November?



  1. Since Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus, it is profitable to remember and celebrate all year round. :) Celebrating Christmas in November may help to get a head start on Christmas baking and shopping. That's about all I can think of. :)

  2. Christmas music is not to be played until midnight on Thanksgiving. However, being a musician you find you have to break that rule occasionally. ;) I don't like to get all worked-up into the "Christmas Spirit" when it's not Christmas time.

    And as for the lights... well, we like to be early too. That's why we put them up early July and take them down late September. :P

    Okay, I'm kidding!

  3. Kari, Ah ha! Except for the fact that your last suggestion doesn't apply to me, I think you have a very sound argument there!

    Bethany, (scratching head) Huh? I am afraid your lofty argument flew over my head. Half the time you seem to be with us, celebrating our ambitious Christmas spirit, while for the other half it seems like Scrooge and the Grinch sabotaged your computer! :0) Then again, I just woke up, so give it a few hours and a cup of coffee. ;0)

    1. Ha ha! Actually, I was combining a unique blend of seriousness and sarcasm. :P Or something like that. ;)

    2. Bethany, so wait, you're telling me that the Grinch had nothing to do with this . . . this mind-boggling brew you concocted? Sigh, I need to go to bed. ;0)

    3. Might I remind you that I wasn't the one who brought the Grinch up? ;)
      Perhaps you do need to go to bed, but the night is young and really shouldn't end until tomorrow morning. :P

    4. You forget, those of us still unlucky enough to be doing school (even homeschool) need all the sleep we can get on weekdays. For us, the night ends like . . . now. At least I know where your original comment came from . . . a mind deprived of sleep! Ah ha! ;0)

    5. School? I do some college and have 12 credits (so far--Lord willing, I will have 15 very soon here!)... so you're not the only one doing school. ;)
      You think sarcasm is a result from sleep deprivation?! Sarcasm is a good thing. :D

    6. Okay, I am fresh out of "comebackers". :0/

      You win.

      (I can, however, still have my little smiley face stick out his tongue at you. Not sure if that counts) :0P

    7. LOL! :D

      Yeah, the "sticky out tongue" smile face will have to suffice... :P

  4. Celebrating Jesus' birthday is just like celebrating any other birthday...the longer you can drag it on, the more fun it is, and the happier you are. Who doesn't want an extra dose of happy in dreary rainy November? AND, don't you think our Savior should deserve the LONGEST birthday celebration ever?
    (Sound of Mommy cheering and clapping in the background.)
    Gotcha Kyle LOL

  5. Wow, you are truly brilliant, sis! I am speechless. ;0)

    See ya' tonight!

  6. I'm with you Bethany... Christmas music should be held off until after Thanksgiving. Or on Thanksgiving would be acceptable IMO. It just doesn't feel right to be listening to songs with "let it snow" in them until December. Maybe that's because I'm not a huge fan of snow. But shhh, I didn't say that. A certain brother of mine likes the snow (okay LOVES it) , and wouldn't like to hear me say that. I like snow, December through February. :D Less snow means we go through less hay. And less sliding to the barn every morning/night down the snow packed trail to the barn... And less hikes up our long hill in nice clothes and shoes because our van couldn't make it up the hill in the snow... But I'm not complaining, just remembering special moments... :-)

    Well, I would have to say that looking at our Christmas lights boldly, proudly shinning in November is a little weird.... BUT at least we aren't saying "Merry Christmas" to cashiers and such yet!! :-) That would be funny to try that.

    Victoria :-)

  7. (Deep frown) The blog administrator is seriously contemplating deleting this heretical comment from his blog. How DARE someone despoil the pristine awesomeness of snow in such a way!!!

    Oh, wait, it's you, sis. Uh, well, thanks for the comment. ;0)

  8. I am really trying to resist the temptation to say, "You all are Crazy!!!!!!'

    Oops :)


  9. Totally agree with Bethany and Victoria! :D Although, being in a music group, you have to start playing and singing Christmas music too early. ;)

    Oh... and Victoria... I agree...lots of snow is..................................................

  10. Shiloh, (head shaking) did you not read my last paragraph? ;0)

    Eden, don't you dare finish that last sentence, or I'll ban you from this blog! -_- Okay, just kidding. :0)

  11. Actually, you're a bit late by my neighbor's standards. As I walked my dog around my neighborhood, there were two houses who were taking down their Halloween decorations while simultaneously putting up Christmas lights on November 1. Now that was really crazy! Lol!!

  12. Wow, I would like to see their electrical bill at the end of the year!