Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lake Takhalakh hike!

Hi everyone! On Tuesday I had a chance to go hiking with the pastor of our church. It was an awesome time of fellowship/mentorship, and the hike was beautiful! We went out to Takhlakh Lake (relatively near Randle). The day was gorgeous, and the scenery even more so. Below are some pictures I took. Please ignore the fuzziness on some of the pictures; my camera is a hand-me-down, nearly-broken little thing.
Here is the view of Mt. Adams that greeted us

Mt. Rainer is in the background

Yes, this was an awesome path. I thought maybe this passageway would lead to a door into another world . . .

 . . . and it did! Well kinda, sorta, not really--honestly no. But that didn't stop me from exploring several caves along the way just in case

This rock is the result of a lava flow. You can't really tell in the picture, but the rock is about 150 feet high

There was lichen on a lot of the trees, making it look like some sort of green ooze was flowing down them

The hike was so beautiful. Pictures do not do it justice!

Love to share more pictures, but the technological part of my brain is shutting down. Yawn, goodnight!


  1. Great pictures Kyle!! What a gorgeous hike! I bet you had a great time.

    Your loving little-ish sis,
    Victoria :-)

  2. Thanks, little-ish sis! Maybe I should become a photographer! (Okay, probably not)

    Love you more than all the halflings in the worlds,


  3. Breathtakingly beautiful! God's splendor is displayed every direction you turn.