Tuesday, October 15, 2013

family Economics and Mentorship Conference

Ocean Shores, an odd town to be sure. Once a prime vacation spot, now a seedy strand of hotels and inns clustered along the edge of the beach. Oh, there are a few good buildings, like the Conference Center for one, but in general Ocean Shores gives off the appearance of being about ten years past its prime. The citizens of this strange town go about their lives, unaware of the invasion that is about to destroy any sense of normalcy they cling to.

It began last Thursday. The first transport rumbled into town--a strange, elongated vehicle some call a fifteen-passenger van. The humans that disembarked from this vehicle were even more strange, though. The females wore long skirts, and all of them were dressed modestly, nonetheless. The males wore their pants at the hips, not somewhere between the waistline and knees, and dressed neatly.

More transports came. Soon the town of Ocean Shores was swarming with these elongated vehicles, these immense vans. The people that disembarked from them were just as strange as described above. Confusion and panic rose among the locals as their town was overrun. Most came to the conclusion that the Amish community--or some weird sect like it--had decided to pull up stakes and move to their town. A few extreme townsfolk thought the war of the worlds had begun and fled to their houses to cower under tin-foil hats.

The intruders were not unfriendly, however. In fact, most of the strangers wore happy expressions on their faces as if they had an inner joy inside their hearts. A group of the intruders even danced at night behind one of the inns, smiling and laughing in the silver moonlight. Their fear dispelled, the townspeople became curious, and it was soon learned why all the strangers had come. In their very town, however past its prime it might be, a homeschool conference was being held.
Hi everyone! this weekend my family had the opportunity to attend the Family Economics and Mentorship Conference in Ocean shores, WA. We turned this opportunity into part vacation as well, or even a "field trip" according to my mom's post. We learned a lot, had a great time, strengthened bonds with friends, made new friends, and even got to enjoy the beach! A fabulous combination, don't you think?
Kevin Swanson was the keynote speaker at the conference. He is an awesome, energetic speaker; it was so good to get to listen to him again (and I even got to shake his hand ;0) ).  I learned so much at the conference--look for another post on 4 things I learned soon!
One of the things I learned at the conference was how important it is to honor and respect your parents . . .
Yeah, I need to work on that.
It was also great to again be able to see a majority of the homeschool friends we made at the Homeschool picnic and dance this year! Saturday night we even got to dance with a few of them, and on Sunday we had an intense game of ultimate Frisbee together down on the beach. :0)
I am now safe and sound at home trying to get rid of all that sand that came home with me. :0)


  1. I really enjoyed seeing your family at the Conference:) By the way, did you know that there's no way that anyone can follow your blog? It might be nice to add a follw me button. I know you'd get more readers that way:) anyhow, just a thought:)