Friday, August 23, 2013

Oh . . . The Good Ole Days!

  Hi everyone! Tonight, just on a whim, I decided to look up our old family blog. It made me laugh and  cry, ahem, have allergies, seeing pictures of our family more than five years ago! So many good memories! Back then, Lydia had just turned "big" thirteen. Now she is all grown up and married to a wonderful man. Love you, big sis!


Back then, my bros where nothing more than devilishly cute, toddling, smirking, diapered little munchkins! :0)
Back in 2008, Caroline and Victoria where just getting into showing their goats. Hence, the humbled beginnings of Crossroads Boar Goats! They have done an incredible job of building their goat business since then. Good job, little ( Ha!) sisters!
Back then, I was enjoying playing baseball for Mossyrock! I loved every second of baseball I played, even in the driving rain, hail, and occasionally snow. The hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life so far was to give up playing baseball. As I look back on that decision now, though, I know it was the right choice.
Now? Well, now I play baseball with anyone who will play with me (mainly Timmy) whenever I get the chance.
Back then, like now, I am an avid D-back fan! Here is a poem posted on the old family blog that I wrote when my favorite player, Micah Owings, hit a game-tying home-run:
Baseball is the greatest sport ever,
Hotdogs, sodas and peanuts for all!
Grab a mitt and head for Chase field,
Where the well trained players stand tall.

The excitement of a game,
When the home team’s down by two.
In the sixth inning, with a man on second,
The batter is chosen to see them through.

And as the hitter gets his sign,
Self-confidence the pitcher lacks,
As he knows this is the best team . . .
None other than the Diamondbacks!

And wouldn’t you like the sport,
Where the crowd is far from mild,
As the batter steps into the batter’s box,
The cheering fans can’t help but get wild!

The crowd starts chanting “Owings, Owings”,
As the pitcher delivers the ball sooo fast!
No worries, he won’t let them down.
He hits it so hard . . . the pitcher is aghast!

Now the team is celebrating,
For Micah has hit a game tieing home run!
The opposing team stands wondering.
Now don’t you think baseball is fun?
Ha ha! I remember writing that!


  1. Yep, I remember those days! It sure amazed me to look back and remember where the girls started with their goats. God has blessed and prospered their business so much since then!
    Your poem made me chuckle!
    Love you!