Thursday, June 20, 2013

My first time witnessing verbally

    The Lord is good, all the time! On Tuesday, He answered my prayer that I would be able to witness to someone. This prayer was a result of Pastor Dean's challenge to all of us at SVCC to pray every day in June that God would give us a chance to share the Gospel with someone. I had already seen this prayer at work when my dad got to witness to our friend Tuck (read my post about my new car), but on Tuesday, the Lord gave me a chance as well! On that day I was working alongside Davin, my coworker at the Youth Camp, and we started talking about religion in general. Davin seemed very interested and open. I prayed while he was away for a brief time that God would help me steer this conversation about religion to a more personal sharing of my views of Christianity. Thanks only to my Lord (I had never done anything like this before!), our conversation was renewed when Davin returned, and I was able to share with him what I believed as a Christian. Again, Davin was very open and asked several questions. I shared with him about where I believe a person goes after he dies depending on the choices he makes on earth, that we are all sinners, that good works cannot get us to heaven, and that Jesus is the only way to heaven. Davin knew a little about what I was talking about as his parents are Seventh Day Adventists, but he seemed to really want to hear what I had to say. We talked for about half an hour.
    Now don't get me wrong; I am not an expert on biblical theology by any means. Not all that I said was perfect, and some things I would have put differently if I had another chance, but I know that what I said was exactly what God wanted Davin to hear. In fact, the conversation I had with Davin on Tuesday made me commit to reading my bible every morning. I want to be always ready to give a defense for the hope I have within me!
    As most of you know, I felt called at a young age to be a missionary. For awhile, I wanted to minister in Iraq, but in recent years I have grown a passion for America. I don't want to see our beloved country fall into darkness! I don't know what form my ministry will take here, whether I will serve as a pastor, street-side Evangelist, Christian writer, or if I will just have a normal job and be always looking for a chance to share the Gospel, but I know this one thing: I will always serve my Lord Jesus Christ!

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