Thursday, March 7, 2013

2016: Obama's America Movie Review

Originally posted 09/15/12

It all makes sense now!
Have you ever wondered about the strange things Obama does? Why he supports Muslims, why he whispers to a Russian delegate supposedly off microphone, why he refuses to let us drill our own oil, why he decreases the amount of nuclear warheads we have in our country, why he does nothing to ease the unrest in the Middle-East, why he does nothing to try and balance our budget, and why he passes a healthcare law that IS COMPLETLY unconstitutional? Do you want to find out? You definitely should!
2016: Obama's America is a documentary about Obama's background and how it shapes his "beliefs" now, and how these beliefs shape his plan for our country. This documentary also shows who Obama's friends and mentors were and are, and who his father really was like that Obama based his book Dreams From My Father on.
You need to go see this movie! But be warned, you will walk out of the theater with goose bumps all over you. This is unlike any thriller or scary movie you will ever watch... because it is true. You will begin to understand what our world will be like in 2016 if Obama is reelected, and it will confirm in your mind that this is the most important election in America's history.
I will post more on this movie later.
P.S. If you do see the movie, you might want to wait outside the theater till the movie commercials are done. We saw about four movie trailers and learned which movies we definitely will not be watching.

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